Counselor Doane Blair Passes

A message from one of Doane Blair's twin Grandsons:


Doane Franklin Blair passed away Thursday night October 11, 2018 at the age of 93-1/2.  

Born on a farm is S. Dakota, May 5,1925, moved to Washington at the age of 6 because of the dust bowl. 

He joined the US Army 102nd Ozark Infantry Division at the age of 18.  He left London as part of the 2nd attack wave after D-Day marched across the Rhine all the way to Berlin in WWII.  

He came back after the war and played foot ball at PLU, was a wonderful dancer, married to his sweetheart Alice for 70 years celebrated this past June.  

He lived the American dream to the fullest, and was part of the greatest generation.  

He was a loving grandfather and we will miss him dearly. Rest in Peace Grandpa.