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•   Marty McGowan  3/14
•   Bill Hill Montgomery  3/2
•   Marsha Turnbull Adelseck  2/26
•   Larry Blanchard  2/23
•   Dwight Peterson  2/15



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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 45.3%

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B:   303   Not Joined


WOW........... the Summer of 2013 is here and 50 years since our graduation from Shoreline High School. Who would have "thunk it". In the summer of 1963, most of us were thinking about getting a job,  ".....Sex....."  , getting into college,  "....Sex...." , paying for college,  "....Sex...." avoiding the draft, "....Sex....", etc......  and not necessarily in that order. Anyone thinking about reunions, let alone "the 50th"?  NOT!!   I used to think my parents were an ancient race of people, unable to dance, play sports or drive. You name it and I thought they were incapable and slow.  "Now I are one" and I sure see the error in my ways. While we missed the "Boomers" label by one year, we are closely tied to them and are feeling many of the same issues.....short term memory loss, joint replacements, thicker and thicker eyeglasses, wondering when the grand-kids are coming over, wondering when the grand-kids are going to leave, wondering why they moved the grocery store that used to be on that corner (and still is... :-), wondering if I am going up or down the stairs, wondering why" that" music is so loud, wondering why I can't understand the lyrics anyway and getting annoyed with the kids saying..."Gramps, can you please turn down the TV? I can't concentrate on my texting" (oh don't get me started on that one... :-o).  

Now where was I?  Oh ya.............

Welcome to your Shoreline High School 1963 website.  This newborn website is not 50 years old, but conceived recently by one of our classmates and reunion committee members, Bob Kirby.  This site was a group endeavor, but was almost solely the effort of Bob, and I hope when you see him at one of our functions the weekend of the reunion, you give him a big thanks.  While the current need for this site is to get the word out about the 50th reunion and allow you to register, the long term objective of this site is to stay on the web until the last grad is standing, giving us insight and tidbits on our classmates - a way for us to continue to stay in touch with old friends from our class as well as others.  I for one am guilty of letting old acquaintances be forgotten.  I vow not to let that happen again, and this 50 year reunion and our new website is exactly the place to start anew.
After you have logged in, set a password and checked to make sure you update your profile and that all the info on the class list is accurate, please take a moment and help us find other classmates who we have been unable to connect with, by adding information to the tab link, "Missing Classmates", as well as  helping us develop an accurate list of those classmates who are no longer with us (a sad, but true reality to our vintage).  And if you have any Shoreline High memorabilia, pictures, etc...,  please let us know and bring it with you to the reunion on 8/24. We plan to have several tables laid out with as much memorabilia as we can.  And speaking of memories, i was very surprised to read Bob's notes on 1963 National and International news and videos. A lot happened that year and I honestly had forgotten or not realized that so much happened on our watch.  Please take a few moments to read and reflect on Bob's list.
Whether high school was the highlight of your life or not, I know you will have a great time catching up and reminiscing with other classmates.  Reminder that we have several events planned before and after the reunion - Edmond's waterfront on Friday night, a scramble style golf tournament starting at 10:00 on Saturday and a family style picnic on Sunday guessed it................................... RICHMOND BEACH.........oh my -  the memories!!!  (see the other tabs on this Home Page for details).
So - we will see you there, right?  Come on.........have some is too short not to have some fun. Your reunion committee insists you attend.
Thank you, 
Marty McGowan 
On behalf of YOUR reunion committee comprised of:
  • Rick Mackey (and wife Christy)
  • Bob Kirby
  • Sandre Geyen
  • Bruce Wilson
  • Larry Blanchard
  • Tim Tomlinson
  • Sharon Pifer Mast
  • Nella Stade Pugh
  • Dan Washburn
  • Clyde Hunter